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Thursday Thought

Today’s thoughts are from Robert Roach, one of the elders at Holly Hill.

Have you ever noticed how desperate people appear?  How alienated?  How unhappy?  And how many of these people are Christians?  Why is this?  One reason is that people do not have peace.  The peace that is the total well-being, prosperity, and security associated with God’s presence among His people.  It is fuller and more complete than what man could achieve under the best circumstances by his own efforts.  In the Old Testament peace was God’s gift that could be achieved by the Israelites if they kept the covenant. This state of peace was what God desired for man and Israel could achieve this desired state by keeping the covenant and it was lost due to Israel’s disobedience and unrighteousness.  In the New Testament peace is identified with Christ and is experienced by faith and there is complete peace with the second coming of Christ.  Individuals do not have peace in their life because they are separated from God and/or not taking advantage of this precious gift.

Christ brought another chance for man to know peace – a peace for his inner self and in man’s relationship with God.  Jesus’ gift of peace is the new covenant of His blood which reconciles God to man and forms the basis of subsequent reconciliation of men under Christ.  It is time for Christians to share this message of peace.  Share the message through telling people about the Christ.  Share the message by living lives that are not marked by desperation, not alienation, and not unhappiness.  Let people see the abundant life that we have in Christ.

“Therefore since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Romans 5:1 (ESV)