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Marriage Minded

One of our goals at Holly Hill is to strengthen our relationships.  Because, if our relationships with each other are stronger, it naturally follows that we can help each other be stronger with the Lord.  That’s why we have Ladies Retreats and Men’s Retreats annually.  We also have a Marriage Retreat every other year.  This happened to be the year for that, and we just finished our retreat this past weekend.  Mark and Becky Kelly, from Madison, AL, were with us to help us grow in our marital relationships.  They gave instruction based on the book “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  First of all, I highly recommend the book.  There’s a great deal of good information available there.  Additionally, if there is anyone out there looking for someone to speak on this subject, you should look Mark and Becky up.  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures on here eventually of the folks that were on the retreat.  But, for now, just know that we all had a great time, and benefited from the exceptional lessons taught.

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