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GROW: Recommended Reading

-submitted by Bryan Dill

“Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives” by Charles R. Swindoll

Charles Swindoll’s writing is one of the easiest I have ever found to read.  Even if you’re a slow reader (like me), you’ll find that reading this book by Swindoll comes much easier than others.  Swindoll is a fantastic story-teller, and that’s what he does with the lives of the people he writes about.  This book is one that goes through the lives of 13 different Bible characters, and digs a little deeper into what made them so “fascinating.”

Some of the people Swindoll writes about are people you may barely remember from Scripture (like Gehazi or Rehoboam).  Others are well-known men and women that Swindoll is able to present in an entirely new light (like Esau and Abraham).  He brings to life their circumstances, and shows us the good and the bad of their character without holding anything back.  There are some excellent lessons for all of us, as we read his account of these lives.

Here’s a quote from the chapter on Naaman:

“the Lord has a surprise in store for anyone coming to Him. . . . The Lord delights to surprise us with His goodness, if only we will unlock the door of obedience with the key of faith . . . and then push it open and walk through.”

Take advantage of this excellent offering from our library.  You won’t regret it!


Grow:  In 2 Peter 1:5-8, the Apostle Peter illustrates that just being “in Christ” is not enough, we need to grow. Opportunities for growing in our relationship with Christ abound at Holly Hill. These blogs will highlight these opportunities, or may just illustrate, teach or inspire us as we grow in knowledge, faith and love of God.


GROW: Book Review

One of the great things about the new library is the fact that it affords us new opportunities to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s will for us.  So, one of the things we’re going to do on occasion with the “Grow” section of this blog is review a book that’s in our library that you hopefully will have a chance to check out some time.

Today’s book:  “Who Is My Brother?” by F. Lagard Smith

While this isn’t the newest book in our library (1997), I still contend that it is the most thorough and helpful look at the discussion of fellowship in the church.  Smith digs into the discussion of the importance of baptism to our salvation, and makes it very clear that “Paul based his plea for unity upon their commonly-experienced act of being baptized into the one body of Christ.”

From here, Smith proceeds to discuss what he calls “Five-Fold Fellowship,” which looks into different levels of fellowship.  Not only is Smith thorough in his coverage of this issue, but he explains it in such a way that makes it clear and easy to understand for anyone.  The issue of unity and fellowship is one that continues to be one that is attacked by some, and ignored by others.  I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity you have to read more about it.  – Bryan Dill