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GROW: Life Group Sign-Ups Are Ready!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since we first began the process of Life Groups at Holly Hill.  But, after just one year of working together on this ministry, we’ve seen some amazing growth.  Not only did we see nearly a 30% increase in our Sunday evenings attendance while Life Groups were meeting, but we were able to grow as a family.  I can’t count the number of people that have said to me, “I got closer to some people that I never would have otherwise.”

But, more important than the growth in numbers, and our growing closer together was our growth in the Lord.  Life Groups are such a unique opportunity – I hope you’ll be sure to take advantage of them this time around, if you didn’t last time.  The central focus of each group is the study of God’s Word.  A study that will help us reinforce the Sunday morning message in such a way that we can take it home with us, and remember it, and apply it.  Just think about how many sermons you’ve heard in your lifetime . . . 100? . . . 500? . . . 1,000?  It’s probably a lot.  But, how many of those do you really remember?  1?  5?  10?  If you remember any at all, it’s probably a pretty small percentage.  That’s the best part about Life Groups – we come together to read God’s Word and study more thoroughly the morning sermon’s message, in order to apply it more thoroughly to our lives.  You’ll be amazed at how much more of the message you remember from week to week.

So, check out the bulletin board in the foyer, and sign up for the group you’d like to GROW with in the coming months.


GROW: Honduras Thoughts From Tony Crockett

When Travis asked me to share my thoughts about the mission trip Bethany, Kurgan and I are going on, the word serve came to mind.  First and foremost we are serving our Lord, our God. To have the opportunity for me to do something this impactful as a Christian truly hits he like a punch in the chest.  It’s honestly one thing to serve our fellow Christians at Holly Hill or people in our community, but to serve adults and more importantly children in one of the poorest countries in the northern hemisphere is honestly going to be an eye-opener for all of us and a great way to serve others.

Closer is another term that comes to mind. I honestly started my spiritual walk about three years ago; meaning that three years ago I wanted to become a man of God. Since then not a day goes by that I don’t feel closer to God. This trip, I’m sure, is going to help forge a closer relationship with God.  That excites me greatly!   

I think this trip will help us appreciate our own church, our lifestyle and everything we take for granted. I think we will appreciate more how easy it is for us to worship God. All we have to do is get in our car, drive four minutes and walk into a church with all the amenities anyone could ever ask for.  How easy is that? I’m guessing we will see some people that don’t have it as remotely easy as we do. The old adage “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” is going to be staring us square in the face!

I know I speak for both Bethany and Kurgan when I say what an awe-inspiring God all of us have and how blessed we are to be given this opportunity. We look forward to it with great anticipation and will be very eager to share the experience of the mission trip with everyone.

In Christian love,

Tony Crockett           

REMINDER: Please keep those going on this mission to Honduras in your prayers. They leave July 23 and return July 29. – tf

GROW: New Library Books On Women’s Issues

Several new books have been added to the Holly Hill library this week with a special emphasis on “Women’s Issues.” A reminder that the library is open 30 minutes before services on Sundays and Wednesdays and is a free resource for our members.

Prescriptions for a woman’s soul.   By Brenda Rollins, Ed.D  Copyright 2008

Summary:  The route for your final destination has been planned out for you in the best map available- the Bible.  Through its pages, you can learn about God’s ultimate plan in which Jesus made it possible for  you to be forgiven through His grace.  You also learn how to extend forgiveness to others- and to yourself.

Seeking spiritual beauty.  By Sheila K Butt.  Copyright 2002

Summary:  “In our microwave society that manufactures designer babies, most young women are more efficient at the computer than at home. Seeking Spiritual Beauty is a book of courage and power for women who are not satisfied with the world’s standard of spirituality.

A Recipe for Peace by Janie Craun
A recipe for peace; 7 Ingredients for a satisfying life.  By Janie Craun Editor of Christion Woman Magazine.  Copyright 2011.
Summary:  In 13 lessons of study, women will be encouraged to seek “the peace that passes understanding” using seven ingredients called for by Paul in Philippians.  Like any good cookbook, A Recipe for Peace offers appetizers, some things to chew on that require”s a little thought, and of course, recipes, specifically bread recipes.

stress and Christan women self-help by Patricia Sprinkle

Women who do too much.  How to stop doing it all and start enjoying your life.
By Patricia H. Sprinkle. Copyright 1992.   Summary:  Just a few of the chapters in this encouraging book:
• Women in frantic search of Shalom
• Time out – practice the presence of God
• “I do it all for you, Dear”
• Put your adrenaline where it matters
• Wise up before you burn out
• Heavy spirits are hard to carry
• One slingshot and five smooth stones

GROW: Strattons Looking Forward To Honduras

Becky Stratton and oldest son Aaron will be among our members going to Honduras July 23-29 to work with Mission Lazarus. Today, they share their thoughts on the upcoming trip.

From Becky:

As we anticipate the upcoming mission trip, we have already been very blessed.  We mailed out 200 letters from Aaron to various churches in Kentucky and southern Indiana regarding support for the trip.  As a result of that letter, we received a large portion of the funds we needed for the trip.  He is excited about visiting each of these churches and sharing information about our experiences.

The rest of the money came from our loving family, especially our loving family at Holly Hill.  We are humbled by the show of love and support that we have received from our church family at Holly Hill. Not only have we been blessed with the necessary funds to make the trip, we have been blessed by all of the encouragement and kind words.  Initially, I would not even consider going on the trip because of the financial obligation.  However, Gregg and I were encouraged to not let money be the issue.  Putting the financial burden aside, we made to decision that Aaron and I would go on the trip.  God has been on our side!

Now we are less than two weeks from departure and we have so many little things to do to prepare.  We look forward to the experience, and getting to know more about the others from Holly Hill who are going with us.  However, we are nervous as well, anxious about what we can expect.

Please pray for our safety and for God to work through us while we are there.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and love!


From Aaron:

As I think about my upcoming trip to Honduras with my mom, I can’t help but feel shocked. Shocked that after months of struggling to get to this point it’s going to actually happen. In only 2 weeks my mom and I will be in Honduras for a week. It’ll be a great experience for both of us, in the sense that it’ll bring us closer to God.

For months we have been trying to do everything we can to get money for this one week that will change our lives forever. I am, like my mom, a little scared to go on this trip after some things that we’ve heard, but it hasn’t stopped us from going on this trip.

When we leave in 2 weeks we ask that you pray for us, as well as the rest of the group, that it goes well and that we can do exactly what we are down there to do, help the people in the area and show them God.


GROW: New Items In The Library

Our new church library is really starting to grow! We started with about 150 items at the end of 2010, and now have several hundred items, including children’s books, reference materials, books on a variety of subjects, music CDs and even DVDs. A reminder that the library opens 30 minutes before services on Sundays and Wednesdays and is a free resource for our Holly Hill members to help us GROW in our relationship with God!

New to the Holly Hill Church of Christ Library are some books on parenting:

Raising a Spiritually Strong Daughter: Guiding Her Toward a Faith That Lasts

Raising a spiritually strong daughter : guiding her toward a faith that lasts.  Written by  Susie Shellenberger.   Copyright 2009.
Summary:  Teen expert Susie Shellenberger knows the difficulties both you and your daughter face.  With keen insight and warm encouragement, she shows how you can positively influence and disciple your daughter.  Along with practical suggestions, she offers interactive steps you can take with your daughter to establish a firm foundation in the Bible.

Parenting by The Book: Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your Child

Parenting by The Book;  Biblical wisdom for raising your child.  Written by John Rosemond.  Copyright 2007.
Summary:  This book is common sense.  Best of all it is based the Bible.  Parenting is leadership, and John lays out how to put your leadership to work for your child’s benefit as well as your own.  This is not psychology based but parenting by the Book.