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Big Surprise

Anyone who knows the preacher at Holly Hill had to know something like this was coming eventually!


Witty Wednesday

You know, sometimes you do almost everything right, and it just comes out all wrong.

Witty Wednesday

Hmmmm, shouldn’t we all be?


Witty Wednesdays

Nevermind the cheesiness of the message itself – who left that sign up long enough for this to happen???

Witty Wednesdays

I don't doubt they are!!

Witty Wednesdays are going to be our day for comic relief.  Maybe a funny story, or a picture, or possibly something interactive.  Our first installment on Witty Wednesdays is one of many humorous church signs out there.  Often, the funniest of all are the ones that weren’t intended to be!  Read carefully above, if you didn’t catch the flow of the text on the sign.