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CONNECT: Taylor Best

We are continuing our CONNECT theme of getting to know our recent high school graduates. This week’s feature is Taylor Best. Taylor is the oldest daughter of Todd and Angela Best. Her sister and brother, Lyndsay and Andrew Best, are also members here at Holly Hill. Her grandparents are Joyce and Leon Best, who worship in Shelbyville and visit Holly Hill on occasion.

What is your hometown? My hometown is Waddy, Ky. I’ve lived here all my life.

What is your occupation (work or school)? I work at the Masonic Home of Shelbyville (nursing home) as a CNA. I will be attending Eastern Kentucky University in the Fall this year with a major in Nursing.

What brought you to Holly Hill church of Christ? My family and I moved to Holly Hill around 6 or 7 years ago from the Shelbyville Church of Christ. Some friends of ours moved from the same place a couple years before us as well as some of our family. Then we decided that was the best thing for us to do as well.

What do you most enjoy about Holly Hill church of Christ (or about being a Christian)?I love all of the youth activities and how everyone gets so involved with them. I love how close all of the youth group is with each other.  I love being a Christian because I like setting the example for other people to follow. I really like having the lifestyle of a Christian as in trying to be more like Christ.

What are your hobbies? Now that cheerleading is over, some of my hobbies are scrapbooking, reading, shopping, etc.

What special skills or talents do you have (personal or professional)? I feel like my special skills would be being able to help people and take care of them. I am a good listener and a good friend.

What book (outside the Bible) have you read that will stick with you forever? Why? Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It is a story about a girl named Sara who lives a rough life as a famous prostitute. Now I know that sounds bad but she meets a man one day who falls completely in love with her by just seeing her walk down the street. Not the typical man she knows because this man was a Christian and he was very determined to save her from the horrible life she lived and teach her about God and how to trust him.

What quality do you most appreciate in another person? Respect. Everyone, no matter who you are, deserves respect. Every one of us was made by God and have our own personal qualities, each deserving their respect no matter how “different” they may be.

What man or woman has had the greatest influence on your life (and why)? Definitely my parents. Throughout my whole life they have worked hard to support me no matter what. When times were a little rough for them they still did everything they could. They have raised be to be the wonderful Christian I am today. I could not ask God for more amazing parents that what he has already given me.

Who are your favorite entertainers (musicians, actors, etc.)? The Sidewalk Prophets, Chris Tomlin, John Mayer, and Jeremy Camp.

A perfect day for me would include….. Waking up in the morning and making breakfast with my mom. Then having a cookout with bunch of my closest friends over for the day, playing games and hanging out. Finishing the night with a nice bible study and then a bonfire with s’mores and laughter.

What would you consider your greatest achievement? So far I would consider my greatest achievements to be passing the state exam and receiving certification as a CNA. (Certified Nursing Assistant) Also another achievement I would consider to be great is finally graduating!

What items are on your “bucket list”? I have always wanted to travel to Italy (mainly for the food!).  I just want to begin my career as a Nurse Practitioner, get married and have a wonderful Christian family. Most importantly I want to continue to live my Christian life. Doing things as God wants me to and living in his image. Because honestly nothing else matters in the end.