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Multiple Missions!

This past weekend was a BUSY one at Holly Hill!  We had three major events going on Saturday, and then we had a special presentation from Childplace on Sunday.  Childplace is a children’s home that we support that is located in Jefferson, IN, just across the river from Louisville, KY.  They updated us on how the work is going there, and helped us better understand their purpose in helping children be adopted.

Saturday just happened to be one of those days that several things came together at once.  Our monthly soup kitchen work is always on the third Saturday of the month (find out more about that here: www.hollyhillcoc.org/#/ministries/soup-kitchen).  But, we also had two special events going on.  First, we had our yard sale to raise money for the Relay for Life.  Church members donated many items to be sold, and we were able to collect $434!  This will go a long way toward our goal of support for the American Cancer Society.  And, lastly, Saturday was our annual church picnic.  Unfortunately, this was the only one of these events we have pictures of (see below).  But, we had a good time in fellowship together, enjoying God’s beautiful creation, and a gorgeous Spring day!

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Mission-Minded Monday

Well, the final numbers are in.  For our Great Day in May, we collected a total of $21,570.  This means that we will now be able to send almost $11,000 to the efforts at Mission Lazarus in Honduras!  Please be praying for all the good work that they are doing down there.  And, pray that we will be able to continue to give them the support that they need.

Additionally, on Sunday, we were given another mission in the form of baby bottles.  Baby bottles??  That’s right – baby bottles.  From Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, it’s our goal to fill up as many of these baby bottles as possible with our pocket change.  The proceeds go to an organization here in Frankfort that aids women in choosing life, over abortion.  Last year we donated over $1,100.  Let’s do even more this year!  If you haven’t picked up your baby bottle yet, there are still some in the foyer.  Take on this mission today!