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GROW: Summer Youth Series

-Submitted by Spencer Stratton

The Summer Youth Series is not only about learning about God but it’s also about building friendships with other christians from different surrounding congregations. For the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to go to the Rolling Hills Bible Camp and I get to meet new people. At the Summer Youth Series, I get to see and talk to all of the people I met at camp. The Summer Youth Series gets better and better every year!

The video below is from the final Summer Youth Series event in which teens from many congregations went bowling together in Lexington. We also have many photos of the Summer Youth Series that Holly Hill hosted in July on our Facebook page.


GROW: Evan Flora Shares Thoughts On First Camp Experience

Hello my name is Evan Flora and this year was my first year to go to church camp. I started going to Holly Hill last summer about the same time that it was middle school week at church, and when the middle school kids got back they asked me if I was going next year. I said probably. Then it came time to go to camp.

I went to Rolling Hills Bible Camp in Mt. Sterling. I was nervous at first, but when I got there I was taken in like I had been there before and when my parents left it was so fun I forgot they left. My cabin counselors were Keaton Pierce and Nick Gill. Nick’s wife, Carly, was a counselor for a girls cabin. The first night Nick asked who would take Carly to a cookout and I said I would so he gave me permission.

All week we studied the Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit. There were a bunch of different teachers and a couple of them were from Holly Hill.

When we ate in the cafeteria, it was really good food. I got to go back through the line three times! The activities were fun, too. I was in Hebron cabin. When we played kickball, it was the Zion and Gaza cabins against the Hebron and Bethany cabins. My first time up to kick I kicked a home run and we won. Then the basketball tournament I got injured so I couldn’t play.

But the best part of camp was the weanie roast. When I asked Carly to go with me, since I had permission, she said yes and we had a great time. We also did skits and my cabin came in first and in it I got to play Jesus and it was fun because I got to paint a beard on my face. I got to meet a lot of different people from different churches and now I am friends with some of them on Facebook. I also get to see some of them at the Youth Rallies. I really got to know some of the middle school kids at Holly Hill better at camp, too. Camp was a great experience and I would highly recommend going to camp.

Watch the video below to check out Evan’s home run in kickball!

-Evan is the son of Travis and Mary Sue Flora. He is going into the 8th grade at Anderson County Middle School.