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CONNECT: Nancy Roach

Nancy Roach is our newest sister in Christ at Holly Hill. She was baptized on July 1 while attending Western Kentucky Youth Camp. In today’s CONNECT blog, we get to know Nancy a little better.

Nancy is the daughter of one of our elders, Robert Roach, and his wife, Carol. She also has three brothers that attend Holly Hill: David, Daniel and Andrew. She is a lifelong resident of Frankfort and attends Lexington Christian Academy in Lexington.

What do you most enjoy about Holly Hill church of Christ (or about being a Christian)? That there is a lot of things for the Youth to do together

What are your hobbies? Drawing and riding bikes

What special skills or talents do you have (personal or professional)? To cook and bake

What book (outside the Bible) have you read that will stick with you forever? Why? Soul Surfer because it is really inspirational for me and really anybody that you should never give up

What quality do you most appreciate in another person?Friendly

What man or woman has had the greatest influence on your life (and why)? My Aunt Linda because she likes some of the things I do and she is a very strong Christian woman that I can look up to!

Who are your favorite entertainers (musicians, actors, etc.)? My favorite musicians are mainly most country singers and some pop and Christian singers.

A perfect day for me would be: Lots of sleep and laying out at the pool and swimming and shopping at TJMaxx and Jcpenney 

What items are on your “bucket list”?

• Being a Personal Trainer
• A Nutritionist
• Be a Trainer on The Biggest Loser
• Go West
• See my Aunt Deediee in Texas