GROW: A November to Remember

I hope everyone is planning on being involved with our gospel meeting next week! It’s going to be a great few days as we look more closely at God’s Word together. Our guest speaker is going to be Ralph Gilmore. Ralph has been a professor at Freed-Hardeman for many years, and has also preached at a number of congregations. Brother Gilmore was, without question, one of the best professors I had throughout my time in college. His class on Contemporary Ethics was superb!

Something else you might find interesting about Ralph, is that he conducts the “Open Forum” each year at Freed-Hardeman’s lectureship. To give you an idea of what that is, brother Gilmore will answer any and every biblical question that is brought up by anyone that wishes to approach the microphone, and ask. It’s every day of the Lectureships for about an hour each day. It’s attended by thousands of preachers, elders, wives and students every day. Just think what that might be like. You’re asked a tough Biblical question, and you have to answer it in front of so many people of various ages and many who have been studying the Word for decades. I know how intimidated I would be!

But, year after year, brother Gilmore does a fantastic job of answering with solid, balanced Biblical answers. And, every year it impresses me even more just how much Bible this man knows off the top of his head. Be sure two take advantage of this opportunity to GROW next week, as we seek to know the Lord more fully. Sunday Bible class is at 10, with worship services at 11 & 6, and our services on Monday and Tuesday nights will be at 7:00. I look forward to seeing you there!


Grow:  In 2 Peter 1:5-8, the Apostle Peter illustrates that just being “in Christ” is not enough, we need to grow. Opportunities for growing in our relationship with Christ abound at Holly Hill. These blogs will highlight these opportunities, or may just illustrate, teach or inspire us as we grow in knowledge, faith and love of God.


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