REACH: Inviting Your Friends – Made Easy!

-submitted by Travis Flora

We have an important event coming up this Sunday as we begin our “November to Remember” gospel meeting with Ralph Gillmore. This is a great opportunity for us to REACH out to those around us who are in need of a Savior. And, really, isn’t that everyone? Whether we’ve been members of the church for decades or just a few weeks (or months, or years), the one area that we often neglect is that whole “spreading the gospel” thing Christ commanded. Why? As we’ve been discussing in our Wednesday night evangelism classes, it’s kind of intimidating. We’re nervous of how people will react.

Here are a couple of suggestions. Actually, they’re tools you can use to make inviting others to worship a little easier.

First, use the upcoming November to Remember as a way of bringing up the topic. “Hey, we’re having a special guest speaker for our November to Remember gospel meeting that starts this Sunday. I’d like you to come.” Very simple and easy.

Second, we’ve set up an Event on our church Facebook page. Just click on that link and click “Share” and the event will automatically be posted on your Facebook page. Again, simple and will only take a few seconds. Here’s a link to the Facebook events page:!/event.php?eid=215522941850906

Third, share the link to our YouTube commercial. It’s being run on Frankfort cable stations this week and, like we’ve done with all our TV commercials over the past few months, we’ve added it to our church YouTube channel. Just open the video and click the Facebook or Twitter button at the bottom and it’ll post it to your website. We’ve included the link to our YouTube channel at the end of the blog. To share this video, click the “YouTube” wording beneath the picture. This will take you to our YouTube channel. Then click the “Share” button and select which Social Media to share it on (Facebook, Twitter…)

Fourth, forward an email. Barbara Sudduth sends out an email every time we update our blog (including today’s). Feel free to forward this one (or any of them) to your family and friends. It lets them see how active our congregation is and opens doors for you to “talk Christ” with them.

Fifth, send a postcard. We’ve printed postcard invitations for the November to Remember. They’re in the church lobby. Hand deliver them or mail them, doesn’t matter. Again, easy.

Inviting others to church is something we maybe don’t think about as much as we should. But we’re trying to give you the tools to make this a little bit easier. The tools are yours to use. So let’s get busy. It’s up to each of us to spread the gospel, even if it’s something as simple as one of the methods we’ve listed above.


 REACH is the focus of our midweek blog. Christ’s Great Commission is for His people to “go” into the world, spreading His gospel. This includes all aspects of the good news, both teaching the Word, as well as showing the benevolence toward others that Christ showed through His living example. These blogs will highlight opportunities at Holly Hill for us to REACH into the world around us and make a difference for Christ.


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