CONNECT: Robert J. “Bob” Gentry

Bob and Sue Gentry have been attending Holly Hill for the past few months and officially identified with our congregation about a month ago. This week, we will CONNECT with Bob and get to know him a little better. We CONNECTed with Sue last week.

Bob and Sue live in Frankfort near Collins Lane Elementary. They have three children (Will, John and Meg) and five grandchildren (Tyler, Taylor, Chase, Harper and Peyton). Chase has visited Holly Hill with them several times. Bob is originally from Versailles. He and Sue recently moved to Frankfort after living in Lawrenceburg.

Bob and Sue most recently attended the Camden Avenue Church of Christ in Versailles. Through the years, Bob has been a dedicated worker in the church. “I have done everything in services,” he said. This includes song leading, teaching class, and even preaching.

Bob currently works as a Safety Coordinator.

What are your hobbies? Boating, cooking for large crowds

What special skills or talents do you have (personal or professional)? welding, iron working, art

 What book (outside the Bible) have you read that will stick with you forever? Why? Lassie

 What quality do you most appreciate in another person? Honesty

 What man or woman has had the greatest influence on your life (and why)? My father. He taught me to be a man, and when you are wrong, admit it.

 Who are your favorite entertainers (musicians, actors, etc.)? Sheryl Crowe, Kelly Clarkson

 A perfect day for me would include….. Getting in a car with Sue not knowing where we will end up

 What would you consider your greatest achievement? Finding a woman that would put up with me

 What items are on your “bucket list”? See my other two children obey the gospel


Thanks, Bob, for sharing a little about yourself with us. Let’s all take time to get to know Bob (and Sue) better as we CONNECT with each other!

CONNECT is a weekly blog designed as a way for us to get to know each other better, build stronger relationships, and make us better equipped to edify one another. These blogs will highlight members of our congregation, either new converts, new members, or highlight other members to help us know each other better.


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